Electronic College Basketball Scoreboard


1.The scoreboard shows home and guest team name,period,scores,foul and poss indicators, also features a five digits clock.
2.Control panel is available in Wireless remote radio modules for the basketball scoreboard.
3.When period time is less than one minute,the scoreboard displays time to 1/10 of a second.
4.Whistle sound after game time runs out and with the function of exchange field Description: The basketball scoreboard features basic game information for basketball.

This scoreboard displays Home and Guest scores to 199 and to team name 8 characters,time to 99:59.9, period to 9,foul to 9 and indicates possession.
1)Scores: 12″ — yellow
2)2) Time: 6″ — yellow
3)3) Foul: 10″ — red
4)4) Period: 10″ — red
5)5) Serve: red
6)6) Team name: red
7)Wireless console
8)Input power: AC100V~240V,50/60Hz
9)Power consumption:< 70W
10)LED:Super bright LED, >100000hours life
11)Product Dimensions:1800*950*75mm

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