Outdoor Electronic Cricket Scoreboard With Wireless Controller


1.Controller is available at wireless remote radio frequency modules for the cricket scoreboard.
2.The scoreboard shows the BAT,TOTAL,OVERS,WKTS,and 1st INNS .

The scoreboard displays BAT to 999,TOTAL to 999,OVERS to 99,WKTS to 9,1st INNS to 999.
The Cricket scoreboard features sports information for Cricket game.
1) Digits:8″
2) Color:amber
3) LED: Super bright LED, >100000hours life
4) Input power: AC110V~240V,50/60Hz
5) Power consumption :< 80W
6) Wireless RF console
7) Product Dimensions: 1500*800*75mm
8) Weight:30KG

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