Portable Mini Water Polo Scoreboard With Internal Shot Clock


1.Hand Held controller is available at wireless Infra-red modules for the water polo scoreboard.
2.The scoreboard shows the Clock, Home Score, Guest Score,Serve,time out,Period and built-in shot clock.
3.With the function of exchange side and whistle sound after game time/shot clock runs out
4.When period time is less than one minute,the scoreboard displays time to 1/10 of a second

The water polo scoreboard displays Home and Guest scores to 199, Time out to 9, period to 4, inside shot clock to 99(30 seconds and 35 sec are available), indicate serve,also including the 4 digits clock to 99:59. And the scoreboard features sports content for water polo, basketball.
1) Built-in shot clock: 4″ — red
2) Time out: –4″– red
3) Score: 5″ — yellow
4) Time:3″– green
5) Poss indicators: green
6) Period: yellow
7) LED:Super bright LED, >100000hours life
8) Input power: AC100V~240V,50/60Hz
9) Power consumption :< 35W
10) Wireless IR console
11) Product Dimensions: 800*350*75mm

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